How To Break A Bad Picking Habit Guitar? (Best solution)

  • If you find your hand becoming tense and getting sore, stop for just a few seconds and shake out the hand. This can help break the habit of tension. Strumming smoothly on the guitar will require a relaxed right-hand wrist. You’ll even want to allow a little wiggle room for the pick.

Is it bad to only down pick?

You can only go so fast with downpicking. It will tire your wrist out faster using only downpicking so alternate picking will allow you to play longer and with less strain.

What is alternate picking on a guitar?

Alternate picking is a guitar playing technique that employs alternating downward and upward strokes in a continuous fashion. If the technique is performed at high speed on a single string or course voicing the same note, it may be referred to as “tremolo picking” or “double picking”.

Why is alternate picking so hard?

Because in the first case, during motion, your pick stays “outside” the E and B strings, while in the second exercise the pick remains “inside”, trapped between the E and B strings. This is, in a nutshell, the main difficulty with alternate picking.

How do you train for alternate picking?

How to Practice These Exercises

  1. Use a metronome. Practicing these exercises without a metronome will be as useful to your playing as watching a Jersey Shore marathon.
  2. Practice slowly.
  3. Watch your hands for efficiency and accuracy.
  4. Accent different notes.
  5. Experiment with picking directions.
  6. Move it around.
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How long does it take to get fast at alternate picking?

About two to three months.

How fast should alternate picking be?

Try flicking your pick away from the strings on the upstrokes to lessen the chance of hitting the wrong string on the downstroke. Start at 60-90 BPM, and just remember: ‘down-up, down-up’. Don’t veer from these picking directions. Move onto 90-120 BPM.

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