How To Break The Habit Of Straightening The Arm When A Baseball Bat? (Solution found)

How do you break in a softball bat?

  • To complete the break-in process, face live pitching with a pitcher who is throwing at least 40 miles per hour. Take 50 swings of batting practice and rotate the bat a ¼ turn with each swing. You can also follow this same process if you’re trying to learn how to break in a softball bat.

How do you fix swinging too early?

How to fix being too early

  1. Take slower batting practice. By having a hitter face slower batting practice, they have to learn to allow the ball to travel to them, rather than jumping out to get the ball.
  2. Hit off of the tee with the tee set back in the zone.
  3. Take an opposite field approach.

Do rope bats work?

For new players or for players who are suffering from serious swing issues, I would recommend the Rope Bat as a very good tool to try. Because it won’t work when swung improperly, it will literally force the hitter to keep their hands up and inside the ball in order to produce the desired bat lag through the zone.

What causes bat drag?

Bat drag happens when the player “pulls” his hands through the hitting zone with the barrel dipped below the hands. This causes the hitter to try to generate power with just their hands and their swing becomes too long.

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What’s the medical term for elbow?

Technically, you can refer to the area as the antecubital fossa. Antecubital is an adjective meaning “of or relating to the inner or front surface of the forearm” (in Latin ante means “before” and cubitum means “elbow”). Fossa is a Medieval Latin borrowing that is used for an anatomical pit, groove, or depression.

Why is bat drag bad?

Bat Drag is caused by the hitter trying to power their swing with their hands and arms — usually their dominant, back arm — rather than their hips and core. That’s why hitters with Bat Drag often go from being the best hitter on a team to the worst.

Why am I swinging under the ball?

In softball when young hitters try for a ‘level swing’ they often drop the barrel of the bat at toe touch, this leads to bat drag and tendency to swing under the ball. Teaching kids to ‘swing level’ is another term that is often misunderstood and causes problems.

Should you drop your shoulder when batting?

One main reason: Avoid pop ups. The conventional thinking is that dropping your back shoulder will keep the bat too far under the ball. These are the same coaches who preach swinging down or level. However, if we take a proper bat bat, up, then dropping the back shoulder is a vital component to a good effective swing.

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