In Two Friends Why Does The Situation In Paris Force Them To Change Their Habit? (Solution)

Why does the situation in Paris force them to change their habits? Paris is under siege, and movement is restricted. What circumstances lead the two friends to risk going outside of town? Drink and nice weather encourage the men to take the risk.

What is happening in Paris at the time of the story Two Friends?

Set in Paris, France, during a time of war and famine, Monseiur Morissot sees his old friend Monsieur Sauvage. They use to go fishing together. Feeling nostalgic, they decided to go fishing again and get away from the raging war.

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What is ironic about the ending of Two Friends?

What is ironic about the end of the story? The prussian eats the two friends fish. What city is under siege?

What happens to the two protagonists in Guy de Maupassant’s short story Two Friends?

It is also important to note that both men die, though neither man participates in the war. Both men enjoy the peaceful act of fishing, and war takes their lives from them.

What is the conflict in Two Friends?

Plot. Conflict: The two friends didn’t have the password and just wanted to fish. Rising Action – When the Prussians showed up, the two friends stopped fishing and the Prussians pointed guns at them and asked for the password. Climax – They were killed by the Prussians because they didn’t say anything.

What does the story two friends tell us about the plight of Paris?

Answer: The story is about two friends who meet in Paris during the Franco-Prussian war that brought them nothing but sorrow, poverty, and hunger, taking away the everyday pleasures of life, freedom, and peace. This quite simple theme is being told as a remarkable story.

What is the moral of the story two friends can get in the story?

Now the friend on the tree came down and asked his friend on the ground, “Friend, what did the bear tell you into your ears?” The other friend replied, “The bear advised me not to believe a false friend.” Moral: True Friend is the one who always supports and stands by you in any situation.

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What does the fish symbolize in two friends?

The two friends in the story symbolize honor and loyalty because they die rather than betray their country. The fish they catch symbolize the fleeting pleasures of life. Finally, the German officer represents the senseless killing and evil that accompanies war.

What does the Prussian officer do after the two friends executions?

They say their farewells to each other and then are executed. The Prussians took the two dead bodies and threw them into the water.

How do Morissot and Sauvage feel about the war?

They resent the Prussian invaders and the effect this war has had upon France and upon their own way of life. At the same time, however, despite their negative feelings regarding the Prussians, they also share a dangerous carelessness regarding the potential threat this army might pose.

Why are Morissot and Sauvage killed?

Morissot is a watchmaker and Sauvage is a draper, or tailor, and they used to fish together regularly. These two are the main characters, or participants in the story. They get a password from the colonel and leave the city to go fishing but are captured by Germans and killed when they refuse to give up their password.

How does Franco-Prussian War affect Paris in the story Two Friends?

“Two Friends” is an allegory about his view of the ideal Frenchman because Maupassant portrayed the main characters as patriotic, brave, and opposed to war. These victories helped “establish Prussia as the dominant power among the German states” (“Franco-Prussian War”).

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How did Morissot and Sauvage become friends?

Monsieur Morissot is a Parisian jeweler, and he is an avid fisherman. Monsieur Sauvage is a maker of drapes on the Rue Notre Dame de Lorette (Our Lady of Lorette Street). He, too, is a passionate fisherman. These two men have become friends because of their love of fishing.

How does the Franco Prussian War affect Paris?

Aftermath. In the fighting for Paris, the French suffered 24,000 dead and wounded, 146,000 captured, as well as approximately 47,000 civilian casualties. Prussian losses were around 12,000 dead and wounded.

What was the pastime of the two friends before the war broke out?

The two friends, Monsieur Morissot, a watchmaker, and Monsieur Sauvage, a draper, would meet on Sundays while fishing. Both enjoy this pastime and, with few words being spoken between them, fall into a comfortable friendship with each other.

How does Monsieur Sauvage express his Parisian light heartedness?

When Morissot worries that they might meet the enemy, Sauvage jokes that they would simply “offer them some fish.” His “Parisian light-heartedness,” the narrator notes, rises to the surface to comfort both himself and his friend.

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