What Nervous Habit Does Laurie Have? (Best solution)

Why was Laurie Saunders horrified by the wave?

  • Ross creates The Wave as an attempt to get his students to see how easily groupthink can take over a community, but as the experiment grows more and more out of control, Laurie is horrified by how The Wave transforms her classmates, and indeed her teacher as well.

What nervous habit does Laurie have The Wave?

By Todd Strasser Chewing on pens seems to be just about the only bad habit Laurie has. She chews her pens when she gets bored, nervous, or anxious.

What happens when Laurie questions The Wave in front of her classmates?

What happens when Laurie questions The Wave in front of her classmates? They remind her of the rules and she backs down. They immediately turn her in as a traitor.

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How does Laurie feel about The Wave?

Because of Laurie’s bravery, independence, and determination, Laurie denies the Wave. Laurie feels nobody recognizes her anymore during the wave movement; therefore she is brave by denying it.

What position does Laurie have on the school newspaper *?

Laurie Sanders works as editor-in-chief of the high school newspaper, The Gordon Grapevine. Laurie takes her role pretty seriously, which is more than you can say for the others who work on the paper. They’re incredibly lazy and always leave Laurie to do the lion’s share of the work.

What does Laurie question Brad about?

Laurie asks Brad if he’s being made to feel afraid by someone. Laurie herself is writing an editorial for the paper’s special issue condemning The Wave as “a dangerous and mindless movement.” She calls for a stop to The Wave in her article, even though she knows her voice may draw unwanted attention.

Why is Amy jealous of Laurie?

Amy lacks Laurie’s self-confidence and is actually really jealous of her friend. Jealousy and insecurity seem to open Amy to The Wave. She sees The Wave as a way to cut through the competitive atmosphere at school and free her from what she sees as pressure to compete with Laurie.

What grade is Laurie Saunders in?

Laurie Saunders a senior (12th grader) who has short brown hair and editor of the school newspaper the Grapevine. David Collins, a tall good-looking boy who is captain of the football team and Laurie’s boyfriend. Robert Billings, a heavy boy and class loser who is failing Ben’s class.

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Why doesn’t Laurie want to give The Wave salute at the football game?

16. Why doesn’t Laurie want to give The Wave salute at the football game? (ii) She doesn’t believe in The Wave. The Grapevine enables Laurie and her staff to expose The Wave, to show its negative and destructive effects and to bring it to the attention of a wider audience of students and teachers.

What is the motto of The Wave?

The new motto becomes “ Strength through discipline, strength through community ”.

Why does Ben Ross develop a headache?

As Ben Ross reads his copy of the paper, he gets a terrible headache—he feels things are spinning out of control. He is disturbed by the assault on the Jewish boy, and by the football team’s staggering loss over the weekend—in spite of their reliance on The Wave. Get the entire The Wave LitChart as a printable PDF.

What positives do Laurie and her father see in the wave?

The positives Laurie and her father see in The Wave is that it is helping the students pay attention in class. Another positive Laurie sees in The Wave is that it has stopped students from picking on Robert Billings. A positive Laurie’s father sees in The Wave is that it is teaching the students how to cooperate.

How did Laurie change in the wave?

But even though she isn’t fully fleshed out as a character, Laurie does grow and change. Her confidence, outspokenness, and a strong sense of self increase over the course of the novel.

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What did Laurie say in her editorial?

What did Laurie say in her editorial? It condemned The Wave as a dangerous and mindless movement that suppressed freedom of speech and thought and ran against everything the country was founded on. She said that The Wave had already begun to do more harm than good.

How long did the wave last in the book?

The Wave is set at Gordon High School over a period of nine days.

Who is Amy Smith in the wave?

Laurie’s best friend Amy is a fun and free-spirited teenager with a rebellious streak. Petite and pretty with “Goldilocks hair,” Amy is nonetheless insecure about how she measures up to Laurie, and desperate to emulate her more popular friend.

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